Unveiling the Dark Forest's Power

Game loops

Shadowcorn Hatching

Prepared to witness the emergence of darkness at the Altar, a group of travelers uncovered a cache of eggs concealed within the heart of the Dark Forest. They unleashed the enigmatic power locked within, revealing five distinct types of Shadowcorn beings: Soul, Nebula, Volt, Slime, and Fire.

The eggs themselves, obtained by magical summoning, possess varying rarities: common, rare, and mythic. Each rarity harbors its own twisted essence, reflecting the scarcity and power imbued within.

Shadow Forge

Unleash the power of your Shadowcorns, staking them to gather sinister ingredients for crafting wicked Minions. Harness the dark arts and mold the essence of the Dark Forest into formidable creatures of malevolence.

By summoning Minions diligently, you forge a path to greater spoils. With each passing day, your mastery of Minion crafting is recognized through generous daily offerings. Embrace the shadows, unleash your creativity, and witness your dark empire flourish. The more Minions you create, the greater the rewards in this period of preparation for battle.

Twilight Tactics

Twilight Tactics


The time for battle has arrived! Shadowcorns are sending their Minions into the Dark Forest to push back against the Unicorns and reclaim the resources of the Dark Forest. Unicorns are forced to travel in parties to survive and risk losing party members when battles become too fierce.

Minions and Unicorns are competing for control of various regions within the Dark Forest, with a tug of war element that rewards which ever faction controls the majority of the regions. Minion owners have to strategize for each type for maximum synergy and work together to be victorious. Brace yourself for the relentless onslaught of the Shadowcorns’ Minions, as the fabric of reality becomes tainted with their nefarious influence.

You need shadowcorns, minions and unicorns to participate in the faction war

Glue Factory

In the heart of the dark forest, a sinister choice awaits brave adventurers. You now have the power to burn your unicorns, offering them as sacrifices to the shadows. In return, you'll receive coveted unicorn souls – dark, otherworldly entities brimming with mystical energy.

These unicorn souls are the key to crafting powerful, high-tier items within your tribes. Embrace the darkness, for with each sacrifice, your power grows, and the secrets of the forest are unveiled.

Coming Soon


Prepare to unlock the true potential of your Shadowcorns with the long-awaited Ascension feature. In the eerie depths of the dark forest, your Shadowcorns will embark on a haunting journey to evolve and become more formidable than ever before. But the path to power is not without sacrifice.

To ascend, your Shadowcorns must feed on the souls of the fallen Unicorns, absorbing their essence to reach the next level of strength. As the shadows envelop them, your Shadowcorns will grow in power, becoming the ultimate force to be reckoned with in the ongoing battle for supremacy in the dark forest.

Masters of Darkness

shadowcorn classes

  • soul
  • slime
  • fire
  • volt
  • nebula

Soul Class

Prone to bouts of emo vaguebooking, Soul Shadowcorns are fabled to be as sly as they are melancholy, preferring to keep to themselves and absorbing the secrets of lost, forbidden knowledge.

If you think you've seen every trick in the book, well there's probably a book that you haven't read, and chances are a Soul 'corn has 6 copies in their personal collection, so if you see one of these arcane powerhouses during your travels, the best move is to get out of there before you find out what kind of terrifying tricks they've been studying up on!

Shadowcorn Earnings

Shadowcorn Earnings


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Hold on!

Shadowcorns are taking a small break while we migrate our ecosystem!

We look forward to bringing back all Shadowcorn activities and gameplay as soon as possible. Until then, learn more about Shadowcorns or check out the Unicorn Gameplay.

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