shadowcorn Hatching

Unveiling the Dark Forest

shadowcorn Hatching

Prepared to witness the emergence of darkness at the Altar, a group of travelers uncovered a cache of eggs concealed within the heart of the Dark Forest. They unleashed the enigmatic power locked within, revealing five distinct types of Shadowcorn beings: Soul, Nebula, Volt, Slime, and Fire.

The eggs themselves, obtained through the ruthless staking event within the Dark Forest, possess varying rarities: common, rare, and mythic. Each rarity harbors its own twisted essence, reflecting the scarcity and power imbued within.

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Hold on!

Shadowcorns are taking a small break while we migrate our ecosystem!

We look forward to bringing back all Shadowcorn activities and gameplay as soon as possible. Until then, learn more about Shadowcorns or check out the Unicorn Gameplay.

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